Two Years Writing: My Journey Update

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

On 18th July 2020, I hit another milestone in my journey as a writer. It was my writerversary and it marked 2 years since I started this journey of consistent writing. Last year, I wrote a post about where it all started, where I was at that time, and what I hoped to achieve by my second year. I also dropped a few nuggets from my experience as a writer for people thinking of writing One Year of Poetry: The Journey so far.

This past year, was a demanding year for me. I thought the first year was challenging but gosh, the second was a lot more challenging. I worked at a great organization, finished my youth service (a compulsory national service to the nation), started running my personal Fashion brand, and reached new milestones. With so much happening in and around my life, I had to stay true to my challenge. I tried not to procrastinate and well, Yes, I procrastinated… a lot. But with all my procrastination, the Holy Spirit kept reminding and inspiring me to write, and every month unfailingly, I posted a poem or a story here on Medium.

I decided to push myself a lot more than I did the year before, even with all the distractions and I did push myself, just a little bit. I wrote my first short story which I’m really proud of and the fun fact about that story was that I wrote it at a very busy time at the office. It was my way of letting out some steam, but it turned out to be one very good story, way better than I thought it would be. You can read it here Rain, Coffee, and a Lonely Ride

As I step into my third year, I know there will be newer challenges to face and tackle but I also know that it will be a good year. A few more short stories might come up, but in all, I’ll still keep to my monthly poem writing by the grace of God.

Thank you to all of you who read my poems and stories and always support me. I appreciate you all. And a BIG thanks goes to the Holy Spirit who never let me down. Until next year, when I celebrate my third writerversary, Byeee.

~ Esther Ohifumere Adeoye



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