The True Light

"Dada, Dada Cayi me."

"Daddy, there’s one boy in Primary 2 class that’s always disturbing me."

"Daddy, I want to study medicine in the university."

"Daddy...I...I....can’t breathe..."

His Joy,
His Pride,
His treasure, was gone.
All he had left were the memories.

He didn’t want to hear any of the insensitive comments like,
"Be a man, It’s Okay, Don’t cry",
Because It was not okay.
He had lost his only daughter.

He wept bitterly.
A deep throaty cry.
He had never cried so much,
But the hurt was unbearable.

You know what hurt the most?
It wasn't her slow painful death,
It wasn't the memories,
It wasn't even the emptiness he felt.

The most painful part was,
That he never showed her the Light.
"She's too young" He always said
His grief would have been easier knowing she was safe in heaven.

His wife practiced another religion, so, there was never any pressure.
He made her choose any side she preferred.
And she chose her mum’s.
He regretted the moment he allowed it.

He never led her to Christ.
So, it didn’t matter what anyone said.
There was no consolation anyone could give him,
Because he knew her eternity was already sealed.

The knowledge that he would never see her in heaven broke him.
In the midst of his great grief, he made up his mind,
That he would give every one he met,
The opportunity to meet the true light, Jesus.

~ by Esther Ohifumere Adeoye

Inspired by the Holy Spirit




Writer | Creative | Light Bearer | Currently on a journey to consistent writing

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Esther Adeoye

Esther Adeoye

Writer | Creative | Light Bearer | Currently on a journey to consistent writing

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