The Strongest Lumière

There was a time when her people filled the earth.
There wasn’t a corner you would turn where you wouldn’t see them.
They were very conspicuous in their speech, their lifestyle,
And their glow lit up the whole street.

But these days you don’t see many lumières around.
Some of them lost the source of their glow,
Others lost their reason to glow.
Now everywhere is dim and gloomy.

Very few of her people are left
And the gloomers are constantly trying to reduce their number.
However, She is the strongest lumière remaining.
“Your kind is rare”, Her parent’s had told her.

She alone had the power to spread her glow
Her glow brought life to the dead, Made plants to grow
It brought hope and comfort to those in need
And her fountain was always filled with love and positivity

The best of it all was this,
Those who let her rays warm their hearts could spread it too.
So, she couldn't afford to loose her glow.
She had to protect herself from the gloomers.

She had a great task ahead of her
But with her source, the task would be easy.
He said He would never leave her.
Her Light Source was counting on her.

She knew she was created for such a time as this.

~by Esther Ohifumere Adeoye

Stay safe this period and take all necessary precautions. 😊 But most importantly, remember that God’s got You.