The Sun wakes up everyday with a big smile.

She's so bright and beautiful,

She fills the whole world with light,

And She is free to shine as she wants

However, she's stuck in one position.

Her neighbours walk around her forever

Without taking a step closer

They love her but never come to visit

As you can see from the title,

Writing about the Sun wasn't my intention.

But let's see where this train stops.

Some days, I enjoy her rays

But when I look at her to give her a compliment,

I can't keep my eyes open

I'm sure she thinks I'm a snob

But she wouldn't understand

I'm sure she's been lonely for some months now

The beaches are empty

The roads are free,

The stadiums are like grave yards

Everyone is at home, hiding, holding on.

At this time we are like the Sun,

Most of us are stuck in one place.

Everyone loves from afar

But no one comes to visit.

Maybe that's why I thought of the Sun today

Well, Sun or not, I really miss life before

I miss the ease of going outside

I miss the norm of hugging people

I miss buying stuff without sanitizing it

I miss talking with people outside the virtual world.

I miss attending Church and Weddings

I miss eating out

I miss going to the movies

I miss having the choice to stay at home

I know things would go back to normal.

And I know they will soon.

Until then, I'll enjoy the Sun from my home,

Love my neighbours from afar,

Appreciate the Little things,

And Thank God for the little blessings each day.

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