The 31st Proverb

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

She is nothing like the other women.
In the market square, the traders can tell the difference.
She is friendly with them all but commands respect.
She wears many hats, yet she never looks out of place.

She is a treasure to everyone she knows,
She is a priceless investment,
Different boys shoot their shots,
But only a man of valor knows her potential and holds her hand through life.

Her dealings are with integrity,
Only wisdom proceeds from her mouth.
She gains her power on her knees,
So, she’s already a victor in every battle.

She loves the things of the Lord,
So, she is always ready to give.
She is glad when they say,
“Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

She raises her children to trust their heavenly source,
So, they walk with confidence, chin up, head high.
They know who they are,
So they don’t need validation from the world.

Her mouth is filled with praises (Psalms 71:8)
And thanksgiving is her anthem.
She represents her Heavenly Father gracefully,
So that all who read the pages of her life, would see only Him.


~by Esther Ohifumere Adeoye

Inspired by the Holy Spirit




Writer | Creative | Light Bearer | Currently on a journey to consistent writing

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Esther Adeoye

Esther Adeoye

Writer | Creative | Light Bearer | Currently on a journey to consistent writing

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