Breaking Free

“Do you want to go ahead with this?”
When he finally uttered those words, they weren't as she expected, but they were pretty close to what she had been hoping to hear from him. Age was creeping up on her and very fast too, so, she had no time to spare.

She had prayed for many nights on end and finally this moment was here, but she couldn't utter a word. A week ago, she would have jumped on him in excitement even with his not so clear question.

“He's a great guy. ”
“You won the Jackpot. ”
“He is the perfect man. ”

Everybody had quickly judged him in his sheep suit without remembering that no one is perfect. Every time she met with him, she always left with a new scar to add to her collection. He had successfully marked her body with painful souvenirs but she couldn't leave him or tell anyone because he said he “loved” her, and he always apologized. Besides that, time was running out there was no way she was about to start the whole relationship journey all over again.

As she sat in front of him, all she could think of was her encounter with the Father just the previous night. That night she had decided to pray once more because she “needed” to get married and the pressure was becoming too much.

“Oh Lord, I really want this”
“I want him and I can't wait any longer”
“Time is runni-”


Enough with all the time excuses!
I'm tired of your nagging!
Have you forgotten that time is in My hands?
Have you forgotten Sarah's Miracle?
How about Elizabeth?
Time is nothing when you seek me.

I will give you what you really desire and in good time the other things will come.
You don't need to suffer anymore.
Let go of him and I will show you that life can be easy and love can be sweet.
Only trust me.

Looking up from her lap, she looked at his face. He had that warm, million-dollar, deceiving smile plastered on his face as he asked again. This time his face seemed so sincere, but she knew this face too well. This time she was determined not to be deceived. She already knew her answer.

“Can we go on with this? I love you and I want you forever”

“Umm, What do you mean?”
“I mean No!”

“No, to abuse, No, to bruises, No, to scars, No, to your proposal, No, to YOU”

He laughed, “Where is this coming from? Do you even think any other man would want you? I'm the only one who can tolerate you.”

“Who are you pretending for? Me? I own you. It's me or no one else. Your peak passed long ago, and I just decided to help your situation because you are desperate and hopeless.”

Listening to his proud statements triggered a feeling she hadn't felt in a while, Joy. She was so joyful because she knew that her decision was backed by a higher power and that assurance caused a hearty laugh to erupt from her chest.

The look of confusion on his face made her laugh even more and that annoyed him. He got so annoyed that he completely forgot that they were in a public place, and he raised his hand to hit her, but she caught his hand mid-air.

“Never again! I said NO”

She had never been so courageous to stand up to him, but today it came unexpectedly. Finally, She had won the victory and with a triumphant laugh, she let go of his hand, picked up her bag and walked away from her bondage forever.

A short story by Esther Ohifumere Adeoye

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Photo by Kourosh Qaffari from Pexels



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